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Oil resistant nitrile rubber joint

The main rubber of oil-resistant rubber joints is nitrile rubber, and nitrile rubber has excellent oil resistance, its oil resistance is second only to polysulfide rubber and fluorine rubber, and it has abrasion resistance and air tightness. Nitrile rubber is very polar, and its compatibility with other polymers is generally not very good. However, it is compatible with chloroprene rubber, modified phenolic resin, polyvinyl chloride and other highly polar polymers, especially with chlorine-containing polymers. polymerization

  • product name:Oil resistant nitrile rubber joint
  • Product alias:Oil-resistant rubber joints, rubber soft connections, shock absorbers, flange soft connections, rubber flexible joints, rubber pipe joints
  • Product number:DN32mm-DN4000mm
  • Product pressure:0.6MPa-2.5MPa
  • Scope of application:Hydraulic oil
  • product material:High-quality synthetic rubber; the product is pollution-free and does not contain toxic substances such as lead
  • Product color:Black, see the product display picture for the actual color
  • Operating temperature:-40 degrees to 80 degrees (high temperature resistant rubber joints can also be processed)

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